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Learning a new language is always a challenge. Learning Romanian is even a bigger challenge. Not because Romanian is a difficult language (it’s not that difficult), but because there are too little resources and learning materials available.

Romanian is not a very popular language, but there are relatively many people speaking it.  Being the national language of Romania and Moldova, it is spoken by around 20 million of Romanians and by 2.5 million Moldavians. There are also large Romanian communities in Spain and Italy where Romanian is spoken by almost 1.5 million.

When approaching a new language, people try different methods: they by CD language packs, DVD programs or books and some enroll in a language course. All of them are surely also searching on the internet for any material which could help them, hoping to find the right ones.

About two years ago I started publishing a free Romanian language podcast on romanian-podcast.blogspot.com. I started the podcast as an experiment, but because of its popularity I continued posting new episodes. I was thrilled to receive positive feedback about the podcast content and format. During the last year I slowed down. People were asking for new episodes, so I started working on a new site concept with a more complex offering for the Romanian language students. This is how the Learn Romanian Magazine was born.

The concept of this magazine is still under development. This first issue is meant as a pilot, and the format might change according to the visitors’ response. The idea of the magazine is to offer texts on three language levels written in Romanian. The easy texts will be classified as   and will be targeted to beginners. For intermediate level the texts will be marked with . Advanced texts will be marked as difficult with . Words considered  necessary to be explained will be marked and an explanation will be available as a tooltip.

Selected texts will have available their audio version, as a continuation of the previous podcast. However, new podcast episodes will also be released in the same style as previously. The old podcast episodes are available in the Podcast section.

I would like to welcome you all to the Romanian Language Magazine. I wish you a pleasant journey to perfecting your Romanian language knowledge!

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